Preparing Your Quilt Top

For best and timely results, please follow these instructions:

  • If providing backing and/or batting, be sure they are 8″ wider and longer than the top (to leave 4″ on all sides)
  • If providing wool batting, please remove from the package and fluff in your dryer to remove all folds
  • Do not pin or baste your quilt
  • Cut loose threads
  • Check all seams for gaps
  • Press flat your quilt top and back
  • Square the quilt top and backing
  • If directional, mark the top left corner of the quilt top and backing with a safety pin
  • Please be aware that puckers, tucks and wrinkles cannot be “quilted out”, however, correcting these areas before quilting gives best results

If preferred, these services can be included in the quilting job.

Quilting Fees

Basting for hand quilters
3″ – 6″ apart
$0.005/sq in

Edge to Edge Quilting
$0.016/square inch

Edge to Edge Quilting

$0.020/square inch

Individual Block w/border
$0.025/square inch

Individual Block w/border
$0.030/square inch

Custom Design
Pricing available on request
$0.025 – $0.040/sq in

Quilting Preparation Fees

Setup Charge
based on quilt size
$10 – $20

Square up top or backing
if needed

Pressing top and/or backing
if requested

For additional services, pricing available on request.

Thread Batting and Backing

Based on quilt size
$5 – $20/quilt
*Superior Threads Used (solid, variegated and metallic)

Quilters Dream Batting pricing available on request
*Variety of cotton, wool, puff and Dream Orient

Wide Back Fabric
For backing, a wide variety available


Single Fold Bias
$0.26/linear inch

Single Fold Straight of Grain
$0.24/linear inch

Attach Binding
Machine stitch on top side of quilt for customer to finish.
$0.08/linear inch

Additional services and pricing available on request.